Bill’s Steakouse & Saloon
1013 SW 89th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

There used to be a place called Bill’s Island Grill just a couple miles down the road from me. The place was terrible. I went twice and the food was short of enjoyable and the service was just as bad. But for whatever reason, the place was always busy. The parking lot was filled with cars nearly every night of the week. Continue reading “BILL’S STEAKHOUSE & SALOON”


Jim’s Famous Chicken
824 SW 89th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
About $10 per person

I absolutely love chicken! I have chicken at least once a day, on average. That said, I was excited to hear that a new chicken place was opening up on the south side of Oklahoma City. Lucky for me, it is located just a few minutes down the road from my home.

Today I got word that this place was open and I immediately made dinner plans to feast with a couple of my bestest friends at Jim’s Famous Chicken. Needless to say, I was excited!  Continue reading “JIM’S FAMOUS CHICKEN”


No question about it, I love to eat. I love it all the more when I get to sup with friends. I very regularly eat with the same people, most all of them being members of my church family. The following is a list people that I would enjoy eating with. This is not an all inclusive list, it never is, and before I share this list with you, know that I would almost surely love to have a meal with you! In no particular order, these are the people who come to mind at this moment: Continue reading “10 PEOPLE I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A MEAL WITH”