I love the thrill of competition. I love the trash talk that it generates. I love the false hope that my opponents are able to conjure up. I love it when I demolish those wretched individuals. I love fantasy sports!

I greatly look forward to those weeks when I get to set my lineup, work the waiver wire, and make a couple of acquisitions. All of this is done from a sincere hope and expectation that I will win. After all, I am a winner and winning is what I do. I always look forward to competing. And I am quite good at it. I am the REIGNING 2017 B-BALL BRO’S CHAMPION! Continue reading “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”


October 13, 2015

While a few of my opponents were out running a lowly attack campaign against myself, I was working to improve the league. The organizers of said campaign habitually assume the worst. Unfortunately, any attempt to advance my team turns their world completely upside down, flips it around, shakes it up, crumbles it, and throws what’s left in the garbage.

Am I mischievous? Absolutely. That is without a doubt an understatement. Am I devious? You bet I am. Some would even call me sly and deceitful and I wouldn’t bother arguing with them (I would win the argument if I chose to engage, however). Continue reading “AN OPEN LETTER TO MY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE”