The only suitable way to begin this post is to apologize. It has been 576 days since my last post. That is nearly 14,000 hours since you all have last heard from me in this format. What a shame. What an atrocity. I know how much you people liked reading my posts…all five of you…and then it all stopped. And for that, I am sorry.

Since we last sat and talked in this way, a lot of stuff has happened! I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and got my first full-time job and moved out of my momma’s house and started graduate school and bought my first car all by myself and put together my last will and testament. You heard right. Your boy is growing up. Continue reading “576 DAYS LATER”


October 13, 2015

While a few of my opponents were out running a lowly attack campaign against myself, I was working to improve the league. The organizers of said campaign habitually assume the worst. Unfortunately, any attempt to advance my team turns their world completely upside down, flips it around, shakes it up, crumbles it, and throws what’s left in the garbage.

Am I mischievous? Absolutely. That is without a doubt an understatement. Am I devious? You bet I am. Some would even call me sly and deceitful and I wouldn’t bother arguing with them (I would win the argument if I chose to engage, however). Continue reading “AN OPEN LETTER TO MY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE”


Bill’s Steakouse & Saloon
1013 SW 89th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

There used to be a place called Bill’s Island Grill just a couple miles down the road from me. The place was terrible. I went twice and the food was short of enjoyable and the service was just as bad. But for whatever reason, the place was always busy. The parking lot was filled with cars nearly every night of the week. Continue reading “BILL’S STEAKHOUSE & SALOON”