I love the thrill of competition. I love the trash talk that it generates. I love the false hope that my opponents are able to conjure up. I love it when I demolish those wretched individuals. I love fantasy sports!

I greatly look forward to those weeks when I get to set my lineup, work the waiver wire, and make a couple of acquisitions. All of this is done from a sincere hope and expectation that I will win. After all, I am a winner and winning is what I do. I always look forward to competing. And I am quite good at it. I am the REIGNING 2017 B-BALL BRO’S CHAMPION!

It was to my complete and utter disappointment to learn that the format was changed in my fantasy basketball league this year. Instead of playing individual opponents each week, there are no opponents; there are no weekly match-ups. Under this new modern-day-liberal-freedom-hating system, you just tally up the points at the end of the season and thus the winner shall be determined.

What they’ve done is they’ve removed all of those aspects that I so dearly love. They’ve taken away the weekly competition. They’ve taken away the platform for generating trash talk. They’ve even taken away the false hope that so many of my fallen opponents have experienced. They’ve taken away the privilege I had of destroying my opponents every week. All of this, however, pales in comparison to the greatest thing they took away from the members of the B-BALL BRO’S league.


You read that correctly. In the greatest country that this world has ever known, they took away our representation. They made, quite literally, game changing adjustments and never even asked if it was okay. They took away the voices that we once had.

That’s exactly what they did to a group of patriots more than two hundred and fifty years ago. They tried to tax them without representation. They tried to take away their voices. And we all know how that one worked out. It started a revolution. Their voices could not and would not be silenced. They would not sit back and allow some foreign power to destroy their lives. Neither shall I. Tommy Merritt isn’t a guy that kneels during the national anthem.

I’m not looking for a revolution. All I’m looking for is a little bit of representation. If the commissioner wants to fix the league in a way that favors his team, then by all means go right ahead and do that. But at least let the league vote on it! Don’t take away everything we love without first giving us the opportunity to vote on such a grave loss.

Commissioner Osborn, I hope you’ll not make the same mistake that the British made all those years ago. Give us representation. Anything else can only be called for what it truly is…tyranny.


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