October 13, 2015

While a few of my opponents were out running a lowly attack campaign against myself, I was working to improve the league. The organizers of said campaign habitually assume the worst. Unfortunately, any attempt to advance my team turns their world completely upside down, flips it around, shakes it up, crumbles it, and throws what’s left in the garbage.

Am I mischievous? Absolutely. That is without a doubt an understatement. Am I devious? You bet I am. Some would even call me sly and deceitful and I wouldn’t bother arguing with them (I would win the argument if I chose to engage, however).

This is me having fun. I enjoy every minute of it. I love watching people scramble and try to work against me. I like it a lot. I understand that people get frustrated and irritated with me and contrary to what some might believe, my intent is not to ruin the lives of those around me. My intent is never to suck the fun out of the game…maybe sometimes, but not in the manner that I have managed to do over the last twenty-four hours.

That said, I have made the decision to veto my own trade proposal. By doing so I hope that it will restore a great measure of peace and allow those against me to rest a little bit better tonight.

In doing so, I admit absolutely no wrongdoing on my behalf. I have played the game with a clear conscience since day one, and I have done so without breaking a single rule. In fact, much of my strategy comes from watching those within the league. I adapt to my surroundings. I will play whatever game you wish to play, and I will beat you at it. If you are opposed to me doing something, you should resist doing it yourself. I learn from you. You have created the person that you seek to destroy.

This recent effort of mine could have been thwarted had those against me come to me directly. Instead, they sought to turn others against me. Doing so only fueled the fight within me.

I look forward to demolishing Matt Cobb this week.

Tommy Merritt
Team Dubya, Owner

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