For the last several years my wisdom teeth would occasionally cause me some pain, but the pain would never last for more than a day. At the beginning of this year, my teeth were causing me so much discomfort that it was affecting my eating. And this is where I had to draw the line. I knew something had to be done.

I had delayed going to the dentist for several years because I did not have any kind of dental insurance. On February 5, I went in to see Dr. Kohs about having my wisdom teeth pulled. He determined I needed to have six teeth pulled.

You read correctly, six teeth!

After having to pay $185 for x-rays and an exam, I logged onto the Blue Cross Blue Shield website and started looking at purchasing some dental insurance. I settled on a plan that would cost about $32 per month, or $384 per year. I cringed at paying that much. However, a normal cleaning with x-rays and exam is $235 and it is recommended you go twice a year. Taking that into consideration, getting the dental insurance seemed like the wise thing to do.

The only problem with these dental plans is that there are standard waiting periods of six months before you can have any type of oral surgery or major dental work done. Still, I deemed paying the $32 bucks each month to be worth it.

I called the oral surgeon that Dr. Kohs referred me to and was told to expect to pay somewhere around $2,100 to have all six of the teeth removed. Dang.

I want to pause for a moment to talk about God’s faithfulness to me. He always provides for me, whatever the need may be. Always. I rarely ever worry about anything because I know that God will take care of me. Knowing this, I am still often surprised at the avenues that God chooses to use to bless me with.

A couple weeks ago I had my taxes done and because of my schooling I was going to get a refund of around $2,200. I was a little bummed that I was going to have to spend the entire return on getting some teeth pulled, but was thankful that God had provided the funds. I thanked God for taking care of this issue before I even knew it was an issue.

I then went for my consultation with the oral surgeon on March 9. He confirmed that I needed to have the six teeth pulled and then sent in the nurse lady to schedule the extraction date and go over payment details.

She told me the total cost for anesthetics and surgery would be $1,935. I thought this was good news because I was expecting to pay around $2,100! She then went on to say that they checked with Blue Cross Blue Shield and informed me that they were going to pay $1,615.40 of the $1,935.

I immediately assumed that she messed up somewhere and I began to ask questions. I explained that I had just signed up for dental insurance a month ago and I figured there must be a mistake. I even mentioned the six-month waiting period that I had read about while searching for dental insurance. She assured me that she double-checked and even asked about the waiting period. There was no waiting period for the plan I chose.

I was absolutely thrilled, and thankful. I went to one of my better friends, my Ford Escape, and spent some time thanking the Lord. Instead of $2,100 I only paid $319.60.

The actual procedure

I had an excellent experience! Dr. Harlan’s office worked to get me in a couple weeks early because my mouth was hurting so much. They had some difficulties finding a vein so that they could start the IV, but that is something I am used to. Every time I donate blood they have a hard time finding a vein.

After they found a vein, I felt like I was in the chair for ten minutes and they were done. I felt and heard nothing. I felt fine after the surgery, except for the numbness.

The numbness wore off a couple hours after I got home and the bleeding stopped within the first two hours or so. My teeth were removed two weeks ago today and I have yet to experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever. Should you ever need to have your wisdom teeth removed, I would greatly recommend Dr. Jay Harlan. He and his staff are the best!

Dr. Kohs (regular dentist)
7120 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Dr. Harlan (oral surgeon)
8101 S. Walker Avenue, Suite E
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

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