Jim’s Famous Chicken
824 SW 89th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
About $10 per person

I absolutely love chicken! I have chicken at least once a day, on average. That said, I was excited to hear that a new chicken place was opening up on the south side of Oklahoma City. Lucky for me, it is located just a few minutes down the road from my home.

Today I got word that this place was open and I immediately made dinner plans to feast with a couple of my bestest friends at Jim’s Famous Chicken. Needless to say, I was excited! 

Without further delay, here are my thoughts on the items I consumed:

  • Jim’s Famous Fried Chicken
    I opted to get the bone-in chicken; a breast and a wing. I started with the wing and it was solid. The chicken was really crispy and had an okay flavor. Then I transferred over to the breast. Frankly, it was dry.
  • Mashed Potatoes & Skillet Drippin’s Gravy
    Get the regular gravy. The chicken gravy was not worth eating. Potatoes were rather plain.
  • Fried Okra
    Any Oklahoman enjoys some good fried okra. It is one of the three vegetables that I like; corn and potatoes are the other two. This okra was salty, probably much like this review.
  • Steak Fries
    No complaints here. These steak fries had a nice seasoning and a little bit of crispness. These were undoubtedly the best part of the meal.
  • Mac & Cheese
    The first bite was good, but as I continued eating the dish became somewhat watery. I like my mac & cheese thick and cheesy.
  • Rolls
    These were good, but noting to write home about. Daniel liked the fact that they served Country Crock butter…I guess that makes a difference to some people.
  • Sweet Tea
    Could be improved.
  • Sauces
    Some people really value the sauces, and so this is for those people. The offered a honey barbeque sauce that was kept warm and it was good. They also had some sort of house sauce and it was good with the salty okra and dry chicken.

Jim suggested that his fried chicken was famous, and maybe it is in some third world country, but not here in Oklahoma. Here we have places like Beverly’s Pancake House (best chicken in town!), Eischen’s, The Drum Room, and Chick-fil-a. Now, in an attempt to be fair, Daniel Wojciechowski thinks this place is better than Boomerang. He is wrong, but he really enjoyed the food tonight. In addition to Daniel’s positive review I also saw a couple of reviews from some church members and they also spoke positively of the place.

On a scale of 1-10, I am giving this place a firm 6.

The food was edible. The service was really good. We were promptly greeted at the door. The employee who took our order at the counter was polite and helpful. We got our food quickly and employees stopped by our table often to refill our beverages and to make sure we were doing okay. Country music was playing over the sound system, so the atmosphere was enjoyable. Will I go back? Absolutely. I want to try the corn.­

Have you tried Jim’s Famous Chicken? What is your favorite chicken place?

***It should also be noted that I did not order all of the aforementioned items. My friends were generous to share their sides with me.

One thought on “JIM’S FAMOUS CHICKEN

  1. If I am driving all the way to 824 SW 89th Street for “Fried Chicken”, I am not looking to try Mac & Cheese, Steak Fries, Okra or gravy. I want a tasty order of “Fried Chicken”! I don’t want a chicken wing that is “solid” or a chicken breast that is “dry”!
    I want a plentyful order of the “Best Fried Chicken” money can buy! I want it fried to a light golden brown, tender, and juicy, not over done and not under cooked. If your main feature is “Fried Chicken”, make it the very best!!! The Mac & Cheese, Corn, Green Beans, Rolls etc will hopefully follow suit!😏


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