No question about it, I love to eat. I love it all the more when I get to sup with friends. I very regularly eat with the same people, most all of them being members of my church family. The following is a list people that I would enjoy eating with. This is not an all inclusive list, it never is, and before I share this list with you, know that I would almost surely love to have a meal with you! In no particular order, these are the people who come to mind at this moment:

  1. George W. Bush
    I love this man! When I think of America, I think of Dubya. He seems like a genuinely nice man who loves his country and absolutely adores his family. Not many Americans have a favorable view of him, currently. I fully believe that history will look favorably upon President Bush. Although I agree with many of his political decisions and ideologies, this is not why I like him. I like him because he loves the US of A. If I were lucky enough to get a picture with this dude, it is safe to say that it would replace all of my profile pictures on all forms of social media for the remainder of my existence upon this earth. I can only imagine the laughter that would occur at this meeting 
    I think this meal would be most appropriate and relaxing at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Since we are in Texas, we would eat some sort of beef.
  2. Rev. Billy Graham
    For any believer reading this, no explanation should be needed. Because this man was obedient in seeking to fulfill the Great Commission, millions of people have experienced the forgiveness of sins. I am sure that Billy Graham would be quick to point out that it was not of his doing, but the Lord moving and working through him. He was simply the vessel that God chose to use.
    I am ignorant of what Billy likes to eat. I can only assume that because he is a Baptist preacher, that he enjoys fried chicken. However, that is not the meal for us. I think we would enjoy a big bowl of  LaDonna King’s potato soup.
  3. Kari Jobe
    Kari is perfect. I cannot think of a reason as to why one would not want to hangout with her. She was raised a Southern Baptist, she leads worship for her church family, and she is easy on the eyes…and single. That is good enough for this guy. 
    I am thinking that we sit down in some café and have some kind of sandwich. After the meal, she could sing to me. That would be heavenly. She could start with Dolly Parton’s, “I will always love you.”
  4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    mlkjmarch To be in the presence of this man would be an honor and a humbling time filled with much emotion. To think about that time in our history and how people were treated because of the color of their skin, it hurts my heart. This man was used of God to bring about change in America, and it cost him his life. 
    Since Dr. King was also a Baptist minister, I would love to be able to sit in his congregation and listen to him bring the Word. After such a time, I hope that I would join his family for a home-cooked meal.
  5. Robert E. Powell
    This is my pawpaw. His life ended thirteen years ago when I was eleven years old. I only hope that he knew Jesus. I wish that I would have asked my pawpaw about his faith. I wish that I could have told my pawpaw that Jesus loved him. I hope that someone else was faithful to do so. When our loved ones die, we as a society automatically assume that they are in a better place, a place we know as heaven. This is a nice and comforting thought. The reality is that many of our loved ones die without having experienced the forgiveness of sins. They take their last breath here on earth, and breathe their next in hell. Although not comforting, this is the sad and eternal reality for all people who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. This should spur us on to share the Gospel with those around us.
    Our meal would be prepared by my granny. As she did so many times when we were younger, she would fry up some chicken, smash some potatoes, and serve it with some corn and a loaf of white bread. Oh, and a bowl of cold canned peaches.
  6. Jennifer Aniston
    654px-JenniferAnistonHWoFFeb2012 Other than her being really attractive, I have no other reason to want to eat a meal with her. 
    I remember from, Along Came Polly, they ate some sort of Mediterranean food, and it was really spicy. We would not eat spicy food, that is really all that I am sure of.
  7. Rev. E.L. Gilliam
    Bro. Gilliam founded Independence Ave. Baptist Church in 1950 and pastored for some 26 years. IABC was the church where I grew up. They were the body of believers who loved me, cared for me, and prayed for me during my childhood years. Although Bro. Gilliam was in his 90s, I considered him to be one of my best friends. If I were not in children’s church, I was siting next to my buddy, Bro. Gilliam. He was a constant source of encouragement and a blessing that I will forever remember. He died at the age of 95. I cannot wait to one day hug his neck again! Bro. Gilliam loved Golden Corral, so this is where we would eat.
  8. George Jonesgeorge-jones_sm My first CD that my parents gave to me as a birthday present was a George Jones CD. He is a legend! He was, and still is, my favorite musician. Unfortunately, he died in April of last year. George became popular in the 1950s and his success continued into the 2000s. He was a drunk, and he was mean to those closest to him. It was not until 1999 that he gave up drinking and smoking. On several occasions he would get drunk before a scheduled performance and never show up. Most of these people were refunded their money and given free tickets to the rescheduled shows. Problem was, he would sometimes get drunk and miss those shows too. However, the people loved him. Despite his flawed character, many acknowledge him as a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Bob Dylan even loved the guy! We are talking about the king of country music, so here is what I am thinking. It is only appropriate that Paula Dean prepare us a nice meal. Maybe pork chops, roasted corn, and some sort of potato? And she better bake us something sweet, too.
  9. Esther
    Esther was a queen, and that is pretty cool. Really, I would just like to see what the scriptures meant when they say, “The young woman had a beautiful figure and was extremely good-looking.” That is the Word of God people, not mine.
    I do not know what they ate back in Old Testament times? Anything but fish.
  10. My Future Wife
    If the Lord wills that I have a wife, I trust that I will enjoy many meals with her. Chicken.


Now, who would you like to meet?


  1. 1)tommy merritt. Lolz
    2)both my great gmas & great gpa but when they were in their 20s & then 50s
    3)future husband(but maybe weve already shared a meal)
    4)uncle devin
    5)THE uncle sam
    6)lauren conrad
    7)zac efron
    8)Rachel mcadams
    9)Jesus(one day)
    10)this last one has a lot of pressure so im gonna say, myself, but like me being in 2 bodies.


    1. Interesting! I didn’t think about meeting family members at different times in their lives. Also, sharing a meal with yourself would be different. I’m sure you’d love yourself. I know I’d love myself.


  2. In no particular order:
    1. Jennifer Lawrence – I think I would laugh a ton
    2. Taylor Swift – I just want to have a conversation with her
    3. Zooey Deschanel – Because she is awesome
    4. Jesus’ mother, Mary – I would love to hear about her life as being Christ’s mother. I can’t wait to do that someday.
    5. The cast of Pretty Little Liars – Go ahead a judge me, but I have questions and I want answers.
    6. Jimmy Fallon – If he could be there when I eat with Jennifer Lawrence, that would be the best!
    7. Emma Stone – Another funny lunch.
    8. Katy Perry – That would be interesting.
    9. George W. Bush – Like you said, he is a great man and that would be a great meal.
    10. Jesus – That day will be glorious!


    1. Lots of ladies on that list! Hopefully you’ll speak highly of me at those lunches. But Jimmy Fallon?!


  3. I would be honored to make potato soup for Rev. Billy Graham. And of course always an honor to make anything for you, Thomas.


  4. 1. Condoleeza Rice — smart woman and fellow pianist
    2. Princess Diana
    3. Ruth and Boaz — I’d like to hear them tell their own story
    4. Candace Cameron-Bure
    5. Hillary Clinton — don’t judge me, I’d like to have a “face to face” and see for myself what she’s like
    6. My dad — like on my wedding day, before Alzheimer’s
    7. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman — she could cook for me!
    8. Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, or Harrison Ford — your choice
    9. Laura Bush — the lady has class!
    10. The one I see everyday but never get tired of sharing meals with, David


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